About Ltot

I found that I had started to write down and share information about stuff I do and encounter in my Linux-y work. Instead of burying it my personal ramblings, I thought I would collect it elsewhere.

So, Linux Tricks of the Trade was established to share knowledge and experience gained while implementing Linux-based IT solutions in real world situations.

There exists are great deal of information on the Internet about technologies running on Linux, with greatly varying degrees of quality and applicability.

LTOT seeks to provide useful, simple and hopefully entertaining implementations of various tech that can be applied easily in a broad range of common, yet important situations.

Ltot isn’t about going into the absolute depth of any given technology. Ltot is really just about the “tricks of the trade” — that is, showing some useful and hopefully good ways to get the job done within your own organization or for your customers — in a down-to-earth and sensible way.

Please feel free to comment, offer suggestions or ask questions! And absolutely, if you can help correct our stupidity and provide enlightenment, be obligated! We want the best. And the elegant! Though, not really the hoity-toity so much… 😉